We offer two types of consulting: site visits and remote consulting by phone using your photos/videos and other relevant materials.


The purpose of site consulting is to evaluate existing pond(s) or pond sites and discuss options for repairs or improvement, or future construction.  For existing ponds, some of the conditions that are evaluated: pond/site history, pond and dam (if any) structure, water condition and supply, algae and aquatic plant problems, spillway system, shore and watershed condition. Site visit usually takes about two hours, but there is no time limit.

During visit we go over an extensive checklist of salient pond topics, including beach building, fire protection, aeration and other water improvement options, fish culture, wildlife attraction or control, leak location and repair, cleanouts, dock installation, and budget. Emphasis on hearing owner's ambitions for the pond, and how that can be realized. A comprehensive written report follows visit, detailing and elaborating if useful on discussion points during visit, and including contractor recommendations, and contact information for useful pond organizations (product supplies, general information), and permitting agencies if relevant. No charge for follow-up questions during ensuing pond work, within reason.

Site visits are limited to a range of approximately 75 miles  from Thetford, Vermont. There may be a mileage charge for travel depending on distance. 


Because it is impractical to make long distance visits, we offer remote consulting anywhere in the US and Canada by phone, using photos, videos, maps, drawings, etc. The same topics described above are covered. 

Contact us for information about consulting fees for site visits and remote consulting.