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Earth Ponds: The Country Pond Maker's Guide to Building, Maintenance, and Restoration was originally published in 1982 and revised and updated in 1991. 

Over 75,000 copies sold.

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Published by The Countryman Press a division of W.W. Norton and Company 




The Earth Ponds Sourcebook: The Pond Owner’s Manual and Resource Guide provides expert advice for pond building and maintenance, with lists of suppliers and bibliographies, as well as information on pond-related structures like rafts, docks, and gazebos. The Sourcebook covers ecological and legal issues involved in creating your own pond, including potential structural disasters that could turn your water feature into a financial headache.

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The 10th Anniversary Edition of Landscaping Earth Ponds, by Tim Matson, has just been published. Richly illustrated with color photos and diagrams, and jam-packed with inspirational ideas, designs, and examples, Landscaping Earth Ponds is the number one resource for sustainable and tasteful pond design. Topics covered include: How to create a strong aesthetic link between your house and pond.

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Go on location with Tim Matson to more than a dozen ponds to see the surprising amount of wonderful ways ponds can be used, and how they are sited, designed, and constructed.

"The number of ponds shown is fantastic... the DVD covers biology, construction, design, aquaculture, wildlife use, and virtually every aspect of a pond in an intelligent, matter of fact manner. Plus the virtual tour of Vermont summer (plus a little ice skating) is highly entertaining. Highly recommended." 

The Permaculture Activist

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This A-Z guide provides pond owners and builders with a complete at-a-glance illustrated reference book. From acid rain to zooplankton, pond guru Tim Matson defines and explains more than two hundred terms associated with pond building, maintenance, and use, both familiar and obscure. The reader will find concise descriptions and definitions of all significant pond elements, including structural features, construction materials, water conditions and treatments, aquacultural topics and crops, environmental concerns, government support and regulatory agencies, landscaping, and more. With more than two hundred illustrations, Earth Ponds A-Z distills the latest information on ponds into a unique and definitive companion for pond owners and builders. 


"...the ultimate pond-owner's companion,

brimming with sound advice, smart suggestions, and answers to ancient riddles. But this book doesn't only instruct -- ­  there's delight here too." Michael Pollan,

author of The Botany of Desire


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Published by The Countryman Press a division of W.W. Norton and Company 



Long before Heady Topper or Hill Farmstead, Vermont was already at the forefront of the American beer revolution. In the 1970s, the big-name brews like Bud and Coors ruled the roost, and homebrewed beer was still as illegal as moonshine. But a small group of Vermonters―people like Tim Matson and Lee Anne Dorr―weren't the kind to let a little thing like the law stop them from enjoying their own brews. They shared their concoctions with friends and family and then went a step farther: publishing the first homebrewer's guide since Prohibition and selling it out of the back of their truck. Now, forty years later, that groundbreaking book is back. Featuring a brand-new introduction, Mountain Brew shows you how to produce homemade malt, grow your own hops, and keep away thirsty neighbors who want to steal your hooch. Through recipes and colorful stories from their day, these Green Mountain boys (and girls) show you how to make better beer than you'd ever find at the local watering hole. 25 B&W Illustrations.

"Set aside your dog-eared copy of The Complete Joy of Homebrewing. Eight years earlier -- and two before the legalization of home brewing -- a merry band of Vermonters published their recipes and anecdotes. The book is a hoot for anyone who wants a glimpse of the cultural origins of this immensely popular hobby. These sound like great folks to have a beer with."

All About Beer Magazine

"Groundbreaking manual on homebrewing..." 

Brewery History, London, UK

"A slim classic..." Seven Days
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Published by The Countryman Press a division of W.W. Norton and Company

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