About Us


Tim Matson, a prize-winning writer and aquaculture consultant, has been advising people how to build and maintain ponds and wetlands for more than 25 years through Earth Ponds, his pond design and restoration consulting firm. He has written numerous articles on ponds and aquaculture for Yankee, Harrowsmith Country Life, Country Journal, Vermont Life, Audubon, and other periodicals. He is the author of the Earth Ponds, Earth Ponds Sourcebook, and Earth Ponds A to Z. He also produced the Earth Ponds Video. Matson has presented his ideas at seminars and conferences around the U.S. He lives in Vermont. 


Our Mission


Earth Ponds is an aquacultural education, design, and consulting service with more than twenty-five years experience. Established in 1982 by Tim Matson, we offer a best selling series of books and videos on various aspects of ponds, ponds design, construction, maintenance, and ponds restoration.

Our pond building consulting service specializes in analysing the viability of pond sites, and providing assistance in planning ponds construction and repair.

We work from a Vermont base and primarily cover New England and New York, but travel elsewhere when needed. We also offer educational seminars on ponds construction and use.