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Tim Matson is an award winning author about ponds, pond design, and pond building.  If you are into pond building, planning to build a pond, or repairing an existing pond, you have come to the right place.  Tim consults with scores of property owners each year, providing advice and counsel at reasonable rates. Photo  by Joe Mehling.

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Each month, Tim writes an original essay about pond maintenance; the latest trends in design; ecological concerns; and wetlands regulations. NEWS FROM THE WATERFRONT can be delivered directly to you via email.  Use the contact form to sign up for the pondology, or contact Tim about your pond project. 


FEBRUARY 2020: One of my top recommendations for fixing troubled ponds is the drawdown. So many pond ailments can be chalked up to sediment overloads, invasive aquatic plants, fish problems, aquatic critter troubles, shallow depths, and more. And all of these can be potentially fixed with a drawdown, by itself, or as part of a bigger rejuvenation plan. Lowering pond water, or completely dewatering the basin, called a drawdown, makes it possible to kill off or clean out invasive plants; restore pond depth and improve water quality; manage or change fish populations; control or eliminate unwanted aquatic critters like leeches, muskrats, and more. A drawdown also exposes the pond structure and thus enables repairs and improvements. To learn more about the benefits of a pond drawdown, click here.

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Earth Ponds A to Z by Tim Matson, Countryman Press

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"Aside from some particularly thoughtful frogs and phragmites, no one on earth knows more about ponds than Tim Matson. His books have counseled and consoled me through the digging of two ponds, making a daunting process far more interesting and pleasurable than it deserved to be. His... A to Z Encyclopedia is the ultimate pond-owner's companion, brimming with sound advice, smart suggestions, and answers to ancient riddles. But this book doesn't only instruct -- there's delight here too." Michael Pollan,

author of the Botany of Desire, Cooked, How to Change Your Mind, and more.

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