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Tim Matson is an award winning author about ponds, pond design, and pond building.  If you are into pond building, planning to build a pond, or repairing an existing pond, you have come to the right place.  Tim consults with scores of property owners each year, providing advice and counsel at reasonable rates. Photo  by Joe Mehling.

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Each month, Tim writes an original essay about pond maintenance; the latest trends in design; ecological concerns; and wetlands regulations.  NEWS FROM THE WATERFRONT can be delivered directly to you via email.  Use the contact form to sign up for the pondology, or contact Tim about your pond project. 

FEBRUARY 2019: When you're settling a new continent what's one of the first things you look for? Water. That's why so many early American towns started close by a lake, river, or pond. There's fascinating history in these waters, and moving forward, many practical and fun pond ideas for contemporary communities and households. Follow the intriguing events over the centuries at Pork Barrel Pond, here.

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