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Landscaping Earth Ponds. The guru of earth ponds explains how to site, design, shape, and plant these beloved fixtures of rural landscapes—and make them fit your property and your life.

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Earth Ponds Sourcebook was originally published in 1997, and has gone through six printings. This is the newest revised edition featuring website links and updated Earthponds resources and sources.

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Earth Ponds A-Z

Earth Ponds A to Z: An Illustrated Encyclopedia was published in 2002. Over two hundred entries and scores of illustrations cover all aspects of earthponds construction and use.

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Earth Ponds: The Country Pond Maker's Guide to Building, Maintenance, and Restoration was originally published in 1982 and revised and updated in 1991. Over 75,000 copies sold.

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“Yields a wealth of history, practical knowledge, and tips for dealing with traditional lighting mechanisms. . . . this book is worth a read.”—The Organic Farmer & Gardener

“Highly readable, often humorous . . . a handy reference”— Alaska: The Magazine of Life on the Last Frontier

This Book Could Save Your Light in a Blackout

In this comprehensive and engaging guide, Tim Matson surveys an often-overlooked aspect of independent living—firelight. Beginning with an explanation of the lighting system he developed in his Vermont home, he describes in lively detail all the elements of firelight:

  • The romantic history, modern molding, and mood-lighting of candlepower
  • Traditional kerosene lamps
  • The versatile Aladdin
  • Liquid propane (LP) gas lights
  • Kerosene, paraffin and gas pressure lanterns
  • Incandescent mantle safety
  • The “Return of Firelight” from glass-fronted hearths and stoves

In addition, Matson shows how to select, assemble, install, and maintain safely these non-electric sources of light, and provides a list of reputable sources for finding and purchasing safe indoor and outdoor lighting products. This guide will be indispensable for vacation homes, camps, boats, RVs, independent homesteads—and anywhere in a blackout. Want YOUR COPY? The Book of Non-Electric Lighting is available from the non-electric lighting experts.

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Return to A Country Planet

Available again as an eBook after many years out of print. New 25th Anniversary Edition of Tim Matson’s prize winning stories of Rural Saavy, Skills, and Survival. Includes Smart Approaches to Water Issues, from Ponds to Dowsing a Water Well.

“Reading A Country Planet is a little like eavesdropping on someone talking to himself about pigs and hayrakes and listers, but talking in a wry, corner-of-the mouth style that makes the eavesdropper snort and whinny to himself… The general effect is to make you want to run out and buy a slice of Vermont hillside and start cutting trees to build your own cabin in the woods even if you’ve already done it years ago.”

Annie Proulx, Pulitzer Prize winner and author
of Brokeback Mountain

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The Earth Ponds DVD: Introduction to Design and Construction

You've dreamed of building a pond -- for a place to swim and skate, a pool to catch fish, a reservoir of water for the garden and livestock. These are a few of the rewards for the backyard pond owner. Now let pond designer Tim Matson show you how these ponds are designed and built, as well as all the exciting ways that ponds can be enjoyed.

(48 minute DVD) is available from:

Earth Ponds
288 Miller Pond Road
Thetford Center, VT 05075


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